Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reverend Dr. James Henry Harris...Professor,Theologian,Pastor,Author

The forbidden word : the symbol and sign of evil in American literature, history, and culture
James H. Harris is Associate Professor of Practical Theology at the School of Theology, Virginia Union University, Richmond, Virginia. A leader in the practice and teaching of preaching, he is author of Preaching Liberation (1995) and Pastoral Theology: A Black Church Perspective (1991). One reader said about Dr Harris' book No Longer Bound: A Theology of Reading and Preaching “James Henry Harris is the only preacher and professor I know who can so easily blend together in one book the plaintive messages of American slave songs of the nineteenth century, the rigorous inquiry of European philosophy of the twentieth century, and the challenges confronting black preachers in the twenty-first century. . . . All preachers would do well to read this challenging and insightful book and apply its lessons to their pulpit ministry!”—Marvin A. McMickle, President and Professor of Church Leadership, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

Dr. James Henry Harris is an expert in the teaching and practice of African American preaching with extensive experience in all areas of Black Church leadership and administration. He teaches practical theology, but is trained also in ethics and philosophy which leads him to postulate that philosophical theology is practical theology for the Black preacher. He teaches courses on introductory and advanced preaching and worship, the theology and preaching of Martin Luther King Jr., interpretation theory, preaching and literature, liberation preaching, theology and preaching, expository preaching, dialectical preaching, texts and textuality, preaching and the imagination, and prayer and scripture reading. His writings are a reflection of his efforts to bridge the work of the Church and the academy. He is both a practical and philosophical theologian, a literary and social critic, and a gifted preacher with a keen social conscious. He holds five  graduate and professional degrees and has written over ten books and many journal articles.