Thursday, August 1, 2013

Superheroines and Supervillainesses or Bimbos and Skin Flick Chicks U B the Judge

Now I am no right-wing conservative nor am I a radical feminist, so I believe that smart, strong and sexy can all be rolled into one individual, and I strongly advocate that. So why on earth do our media heroines and villainesses have to be so on or two dimensional? Our media heroes and villains are so well rounded. The heroes are strong, handsome, and intelligent and they have a background all complete with family, friends, enemies, hobbies, and sometimes even a spiritual side. Even the villains in cartoons, comic books, movies or television stories have a history explaining how and why they became evil.

On the other hand, our media heroines just appear on the scene with sketchy backgrounds. They form alliances, but no real relationships. There is usually no explanation for how the villainesses became evil or even how their rivalry with the heroines or heroes began. However, when there is an explanation, it is usually a case of the villainess being a tool of"The Man" to keep a hero or heroine down. An example that comes to mind is from an eighties cartoon, the Smurfs. The main female character Smurfett, was created by the evil Gargamel to seduce and destroy the Smurfs. If it were not for the efforts of Papa Smurf in reprogramming Smurfett or casting a permanent good spell on her, she and the whole Smurf village would have been lost. One thing that almost all of the heroines and villainesses share is their skin-tight, short, skimpy clothing all complete with seductive smiles and mannerisms. Most disturbingly, even the characters who are little girls and teens are very sexualized.

Is this really acceptable? What message is this sending to young and impressionable people about femininity, power, intelligence and most importantly integrity?