Monday, March 3, 2014


This is so real to me cause I'm a BBW or fluffy too. So, this is a cool reblog....Enjoy!!!
Fluffy Girl Problems...
You probably have the same ones I do, and they suck.
There are things I do all the time, because I am Fluffy:
1) Yank on my shirt the minute I sit down.
2) When wearing shorts, constantly reaching up and pulling them down because they ride up. So it looks like I'm always touching on my lady parts.
3) Having to position my head just right for pictures so my double chin doesn't show.
4) Wearing long shirts/undershirts to hide the awful foopa. (Lower ab pooch)
5) Having to make sure hair and makeup looks awesome to compensate for a not awesome body.
6) Can never just buy a cute bathing suit as is, always looking for a skirt/shorts to match to cover up them thunder thighs.
7) At buffet lunch/dinner, waiting for everyone else to make their plates first so you can see how much they got, so you don't get more....then waiting to see if they go back for seconds so that you can go too.
8) Speaking of food, eating what you want when no one is around or looking so they don't judge you.
9) Avoiding anything sleeveless because arm jiggle gaggle is embarrassing.
10) Feeling like no one will take you completely serious because of your weight.