Thursday, August 20, 2015

Session 1 The War Revealed by Dr Tony Evans from Victory in Spiritual Warfare: field guide for battle

In the blockbuster film Inception the main characters discovered a way to enter 
another realm—the realm of dreams. Though the dream seemed as vivid and 
authentic as the real world, the dream realm was not their reality
Because the dream felt real to their five senses, each character created an item 
used to let others know if they were in a dream or in reality. Without the item, 
the person in the dream might believe the dream was reality, and they might 
stay there—operating by the laws of reality within the realm of the dream.
The main character’s item was a spinning top. If his top kept spinning endlessly, 
that meant he was in a dream. If it fell, he had woken up. The knowledge that 
he was in a dream enabled him to take more risks and live differently because 
he knew at any time, he could simply wake up in reality.
Is it possible that right now our ultimate reality isn’t happening in the physical 
world as we see it? Could it be that right now there is a spiritual battle waging 
all around us in the unseen realms and that battle has physical effects in this 
world? If that’s true, then most of us walk around in this world with no idea of 
what’s happening in the spiritual one. The top keeps on spinning.
The spiritual world is real. Conversations, decisions, and battles that occur in 
the spiritual realm unilaterally impact what takes place in our physical lives. 
Unless we realize that truth and wake up to the battle, we will continue to 
look for physical solutions to solve spiritual problems manifesting themselves 
in our physical lives. Time to wake up and get in the real fight!!!