Thursday, April 30, 2015

Links to Being Mary Jane Seasons One and Two Soundtracks

Have you ever wondered how you could get your hands on the beautiful music playing in the background when you were watching Being Mary Jane? Well I’ve got links for seasons one and two.Season two’s link is . Season one is . Most of them are available for purchase on (which is cheapest if you are a member), or Itunes and the price points are in that order.
Many songs are by  Erykah Badu, Nikki Minaj, Sam Smith and Mary J Blige. However, others are by less known artist like the theme song for Being Mary Jane which is   Flawed Beautiful Creatures  by Stacy Barthe the song from the bathtub scene in season 2 episode 5  Here in My Skin  by Nastasia Griffin and the wonderful song from that same episode  Ginger Me Slowly  by Somi.
Now if someone can find a link to the soundtrack to the movie premiere for Being Mary Jane, please get that to me so that I can get those songs out to everyone also.