Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mentoring and Assistance with Entrepreneurial Endeavors-Savannah Diner to Open Spring 2016

I am seeking business contacts that can assist me with opening a roadside diner, right off I-95 in Savannah, Georgia which offers traditional diner comfort food as well multiple tasty special needs healthy dishes and an African special dish of the day on the menu. I have done a bit of marketing research. There are only three remaining black owned restaurants in Savannah.  One of those is not even full service because it is actually a fish market and a take-out only establishment at that.  According to the marketing directory publication, The Black pages, there are no black owned restaurants in Savannah, Georgia.  I am a recently divorced former military spouse trying to get my life back on track. Any assistance with networking to find training, education, at least one main investor, two partners (one formally trained chef and one partner with years of restaurant or hospitality management experience or education),other  helpful people and resources would be most appreciated.  My email address is