Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool Time: 'Aspirin Between the Knees' a Joke to Santorum

Maybe Rick Santorum, Foster Friess and all of the right-wing conservative men are not going to extremes with their efforts to limits women's access to contraceptives and other health services. Rick Santorum says that contraception is dangerous for women. Foster Friess said in an interview with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC on February 16,2012 that our country is too preoccupied with sex and that in his day, a much simpler time "they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly." On the same day Congress held a hearing on women's reproductive health with no women on the panel. Maybe the conservative lawmakers and supporters aren't right winged. They are just right,just maybe..............

............Duh.....WRONG!!!!!!!!!!What a bunch of crap. Santorum is talking this crazy mess about keeping women out of combat support roles in the military and that it is not right for women to choose to have careers. I really want to organize a sex strike to bring these sexist control freaks to their knees by using the birth control method Mr Friess referred to on last week to protest their serious attempts to throw women back into the dark ages. Sex strikes have worked for women to bring about social change in other countries. There is power in the punany ladies. Let's call it the Un-Occupied Vagina movement. I just hope we aren't as addicted to sex as Foster Friess thinks that we are as American women and that we can make this protest work against the keep 'em barefoot and pregnant agenda. Can you help me please to organize for woman's lives? That's what I'm talking about sisters. This being the beginning of the Lenten season for Christians (I'm ignorant about other faiths so please educate me on other religious observances). Aren't you glad they waited to go crazy and didn't ruin Valentine's day or the weekend before for us? So, this is the perfect time to give up sex for at least the next forty days and forty nights, focus on spirituality and our health as women. However, we should be prepared to fast from sex as long as it takes for the extremist to abandon the bull-crap. We may want to give our bodies a break from the Pill or not take the Depo shot when it comes due during this time of sexual abstinence since Santorum is right about the fact that these birth control methods do negative have side effects. Additionally, when we do resume having sex with our husbands or lovers, we can allow them for a very short time to shoulder the burden of wearing protection when we make love. They will then hopefully truly appreciate all that we go through to make life go more smoothly for all parties involved. Will you join me ladies in the Aspirin Between the Knees Sex Strike of 2012?